Research Assistant - Video Coaching for Early Career Teachers

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Research Assistant - Video Coaching for Early Career Teachers

In the project Video Coaching for Early Career Teachers (VCSL in Dutch) experienced coaches and the research team are creating, implementing and evaluating coaching routines and tools aimed at fostering professional growth in Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in secondary education. The aims of this project are (1) to identify key features of practical, valid and effective video coaching materials, activities and practices and (2) to investigate to what extent and in what way these contribute to ECTs professional growth, and (3) to develop technological support for coaches to implement VCSL in their schools. We are looking for a research assistant to support data analysis of this year’s pilot study and the re-design of supportive tools for coaches to be used in a field study next year.

  • Tasks: 
    • Data preparation: Transcription and structuring of coaching session recordings, interviews recordings, and lesson recordings
    • Data analysis: Qualitative analysis of the research data (using existing codebook)
    • Development support: Support the development of an interactive coaching web-based tool or platform
  • We seek:
    • An EST student (possibly two EST students) with excellent research skills, experience (or at least affinity) with teacher professional development, coaching and (the development of) technology-supported learning.
    • Who is fluent in written and spoken Dutch
    • Who is available starting February 2020; 1-2 days per week
  • Interested? Mail: