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We are always looking for enthusiastic students to become Active Members/ Committee Members/ and/or part of the next Komma Board! Feel welcome to submit an inquiry below!

Active Members:

  • Help Committee Members and Board Members with small tasks related to Komma activities and/or Room decoration.

Committee Members:

  • Social Engagement Committee
    • Brainstorming, planning, and managing social community events that help form social bonds. They work to deepen relationships between Komma members, as well as Komma and external stakeholders such as other associations, volunteer organisations, and our alumni and professors.
  • Academic and Profesional Development Committee
    • Brainstorming, planning, and managing events that are related to the industry, school education, and academia. Each event will have a clear objective that helps EST students deepen their knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  • Marketing and Communications Committee
    • Devising strategies for social media promotion that lead EST professionals to discover different opportunities.

Board Members:

  • ​Chairperson
    • Manages the internal agreements and requirements with EST, BMS, and UT Faculty. Meets regularly with other BMS study associations to coordinate events and activities.
  • Treasurer
    • Oversees the budget and finances of Komma. Builds an annual budget and expense report.
  • Secretary
    • Organizes the documents and daily workings of Komma and writes meeting minutes.
  • Internal Affairs
    • Manages Komma members and establishes collaborations with UT parties (teachers, associations, and departments).
  • External Affairs
    • Establishes collaborations with individuals and organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.
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