Komma structure 2023-2024

As board member I am grateful for the opportunity to help newcomers find their place in the Netherlands and university life. Being part of the board has allowed me to form meaningful connections with students, teachers and staff. Together, we work as a team to bring our ideas to life. It's a priceless experience that I truly cherish! ~ Farideh, 42yr, student EST

Board 2023/2024: (

Committees/Coordinators 2023/2024:

Advisory Board 2023/2024:

  • Ryan Wakamiya 
  • Tom Berendsen
  • Adina Imanbayeva
  • Merel Scheurwater
  • Yvonne Luyten-de Thouars
  • Luuk Buunk
  • Pieter Smits
  • Robert Middelburg

Financial Advisory Board (a.k.a. Audit Board) 2023/2024:

  • Luuk Buunk
  • Robert Middelburg