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I became Komma member because I liked the sense of being part of a community and Komma to me felt like a family, expecially at the start of my studies. It's such a great opportunity to not feel alone and be understood by others with a similar experience. ~ Diana, 25yr, student EST

Membership Types

  • General membership (primary association, with Dutch bank)
  • Temporary membership (primary association, no Dutch bank)
  • Secondary membership (secondary association)

To become a Komma member, you must first register and pay

Benefits of being a Komma member:

  • Attend social, professional, and educational events organized by Komma

  • Free lunches and dinners on occasions

  • Courtesy coffee (that is actually good) and tea in the Komma room 

  • Exclusive discount on study books

  • Discounted tutoring and support for courses/classes (e.g., statistics and thesis)

  • Access to course resources, summaries, and old tests

In addition to helping us build our community of connected professionals, your contribution as a member sustains and ensures we can keep events going that will benefit you and help us achieve our goals as an association.


  • General membership: €10-, per year*
  • Temporary membership: €10-, per year*
  • Secondary membership: €5-, per year*

To become a Komma member, you must first register and pay 

While studying is important, what makes an experience unforgettable is getting more involved with the people, program and the university! I joined Komma because I wanted to get more out of my experience at EST. I sought connections, personal and professional development as well as the opportunity to impact others, even if it was a small one. 

Grades are great, but what's greater is finding a community and the people you vibe with and share all those memories and ups and downs with 💚

p.s. Komma was the first to accept my craziness, so I just coudn't resist 🤭 ~ Fatima, 28yr, EST student