Become Part of the New Board!

Become Part of the New Board!

Candidate Board 2023-2024 of the Komma Study Association

Komma's current board consisting of a Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary are passing on their tasks to the upcoming board. Some of the benefits of becoming a board member include building your resume, growing your network (professional and social), developing your project management and team management skills, starting/continuing with initiatives you are interested in, and making a difference in the EST community!

The board roles that are currently open:


Creating and executing the shared vision:  

  • Drafting a policy plan and creating a vision: what are we going to do? 

  • Executing and reflecting on the policy plan throughout the year. 

Being the student representative for different committees, organisations, and associations:  

  • Be the face of the association and represent it in meetings: BMS pre-meetings, OS GMAs, quarterly faculty meetings, and university-wide meetings such as FocOS.  

  • Request funds and grants with the treasurer throughout the year. 

  • Presiding over the half-yearly and annual GMA (our own house-cleaning). 

Managing the Board, the committee members, and active members:  

  • Preparing and presiding over the Komma meetings and Komma board meetings. 

  • Guiding and supporting all members, delegating as needed.  

  • Helping all members achieve their personal and professional goals. 

  • Marketing and recruiting for different roles throughout the year. 


Responsible for the financial matters of the association:

  • Managing the bank accounts 

  • Keeping the books updated. 

  • Formatting a budget plan at the beginning of the year. 

  • Keeping track of expenses and checks. 

  • Overseeing all transactions and carrying out large transactions. 

  • In January drafting financial report for the preparation of the Lumpsum meeting. 

  • At the end of the year, drafting a financial report of the entire period (i.e. the annual financial report).  

  • Keeping track of the committee's budget, expenses, and transactions.  

  • Requesting funds/ subsidies / grants together with chairperson. 

  • Overseeing the Komma Professional Development Funds together with the Academic and Professional Development Coordinator. 

  • Keeping track of and closing board insurance if there isn’t already one.  

  • Continuously committed and precise, as inadequate bookkeeping can put the association or its board members at risk. 

  • Replace the chairperson when (s)he is not available for official faculty and university meetings. 


  • Support the association board in administrative tasks, such as meeting scheduling, agenda preparation, and document preparation and distribution. 

  • Keeping track of the event calendar and taking a lead role in overseeing event logistics as well as delegating duties when required.  

  • Translating the overarching vision into actionable meeting agendas every month along with the Chairperson, Treasurer, Internal Affairs, and External Affairs.  

  • Documenting relevant details during meetings and following up as necessary.  

  • Keeping Komma documents well-organised and up to date.  

  • Manage and provide access to all documents and accounts, including KVK. 

  • Act as the primary point of contact for members and stakeholders. 

  • Maintain accurate records and databases of member information. 

  • Assist with social media and website updates to keep members informed of association news and events. 

  • Working as the ‘face of the association’ and the main representative along with the Chairperson and Internal Affairs and External Affairs. 

  • Replace the chairperson when (s)he is not available for official faculty and university meetings. 


Also, we want to announce the opening of the following new board positions:

Internal Affairs

  • Managing the three committees: Academic  Development, Social Engagement, and Marketing Communications. 

  • Managing Komma members by making them feel welcomed, monitoring how they are doing, and getting them active. 

  • Establishing a partnership with other stakeholders within the University of Twente (e.g., BMS lab, RoboTeam etc). 

  • Providing academic support to the members of the association (e.g., Stats tutoring)  

  • Connecting with other associations at the University of Twente to exchange knowledge and share social, professional and academic events.  

  •  Drafting a board starter kit in collaboration with the Secretary of Komma.   

External Affairs

  • Developing a strategy for establishing and maintaining relationships with external organisations, both in the education and HRD sector.   

  • Identifying potential sponsorship and collaboration opportunities with different companies.  

  • Designing Sponsorship packages.  

  • Develop marketing campaigns to increase association’s visibility.  

  • Representing External Affairs at all events, networking and promoting Komma’s USP. 

  • Maintaining accurate records and contact databases. 

Working with the Professional Development coordinator to:  

  • Oversee LinkedIn posting and community engagement.  

  • Oversee posting of job vacancies and thesis opportunities on the Komma website. 

  • Reach out to stakeholders for Komma professional development events and coordinate logistics together.  


Are you interested in getting more information on one of these roles? Fill in the form at or contact us at


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