Secret Santa

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Komma Social Club
Dec 8, 2021
To be announced

Secret Santa

Join us this holiday season for a fun secret Santa activity!

How does it work?

1. Sign up before December 1 through the link below.

2. Set up your profile as soon as possible, but November 30 the latest. Make sure you edit the hobbies and interests box to let your secret Santa know what you like. Don't make a wish list. Santa has enough ideas of his own ;)

3. On December 1, you will receive an email that says who you are a secret Santa to.

4. Read the profile, connect with this person anonymously through the profile page, or use your own imagination to come up with 1 or more gifts for a total of around 7,50 euros.

5. Wrap the presents in a festive way. Feeling extra creative? Write a letter or poem to go with your gift(s).

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