Pakjesavond - Sinterklaas Evening

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Komma Social Club
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Dec 5, 2023 17:00 - 22:00
Komma Room

Pakjesavond - Sinterklaas Evening

At the end of November, Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands by steamship, full of nice and jolly Petes, to celebrate his birthday. Saint Nicholas knows if children have been good the past year and leaves presents and sweets for them. All children look forward to the arrival of Sinterklaas and on Pakjesavond Sinterklaas and Piet even leave a filled sack full of presents with poems attached that are specially made for the children. Have you been just as good as the children, will Pete give you something nice too? 

On December 5th, we will gather at Komma's to celebrate Sinterklaas.  

We will start the evening with hot chocolate and whipped cream while we wait for Pete to arrive. Pete will tell us about the beloved Dutch tradition and will share a very nice Sinterklaas story. After that, we will play a game of gift exchange, so don't forget to bring a nice, funny, or useful gift to play the game with! Everyone will bring a wrapped gift to share with the group (gift budget: between 3  - 4 €)  The gift exchange game will be a fun and festive way for everyone to get a gift. The rules of the game will be explained at the beginning of the evening.  Get ready for a cozy and warm night of Sinterklaas! 

We will gather in the Komma room at 17:00, and the event will start at 17:30.




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