Organisation Culture Transformation: Inspirational talk by Jaclyn Lee


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Nov 21, 2019 16:00 - 17:00
Cubicus B209

If you are interested in a great inspirational talk from a leading chief HR officer, dr. Jaclyn Lee: a seasoned speaker, who traveled the world to work in various industries, wrote multiple books and has a lot of experience in advisory trajectories, please be invited to attend her talk!

Location: CU(Cubicus)B209

When: Thursday 21st from 16.00-17.00

What: Inspirational talk dr. Jaclyn Lee “Organisation Culture Transformation”

No registration is needed to attend the talk.

In the below you can find more information about Jaclyn:

Dr. Jaclyn Lee is currently the Chief Human Resource Officer for the Singapore University of Technology and Design.  She has over 25 years of HR experience and is viewed by the community as a thought leader in the areas of HR Technology and Analytics. Her diverse HR experience hails from senior HR roles held in manufacturing, healthcare, education, high tech and the security industry.  She also has international and regional HR experience having worked in three large global firms.

Jaclyn has a PhD from University of Twente (Department of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems), a Master of Business from Singapore Management University, a Master of HRM from Rutgers University, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brandon University in Canada.

And more information about her talk:

Organization culture change is a long and complex process that typically takes years to complete and may not have a high success rate. In today’s digital age, culture is a vital component in the facilitation of organization transformation to cope with Industry 4.0. Leaders and managers will now need to tackle culture with the same rigor with which they tackle organizational transformation in order to ensure success for their organizations.

In this one-hour sharing, Jaclyn will talk about her work in culture transformation harnessed from more than 25 years of experience leading organizational transformation projects in both the private and public sectors. She will also share on her research work in the area of using digital tools for culture transformation that was applied in a real work setting. Students will learn practical skills, tool kits and also sharing from the following three case studies:

  1. Jaclyn’s work in NEC Corporation as a Regional HR Leader for South East Asia leading the balance scorecard project
  2. Jaclyn’s work in CERTIS, the largest security company in South East Asia, where she led a major culture transformation project
  3. Jaclyn’s work in the area of deploying digital tools for culture change at a start-up university.



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