Christmas Market Trip


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Komma Social Club
Dec 11, 2021
M√ľnster, Germany

Christmas Market Trip

What screams Christmas more than lights, decorations and a cosy atmosphere? Top that with some Glühwein, Gebrannte Mandeln and many other seasonal specialties. Can you now picture this in a vibrant medieval city that breathes Christmas? Come join Komma & Communiqué on a day trip to Münster! We will visit the Christmas market together, have some delicious food and hot drinks, and be mesmerized by the Christmas lights.

As a group together with Komma & Communiqué, we will take the train to Münster and explore the Christmas market. We will meet at the Central Station in Enschede at 13.00h on the 11th of December. We will hand out your train tickets and together we will travel to Münster. A train ticket for Komma members is €5,-. If you have your own transportation or have a semester card, please still sign-up via the website, but select the other ticket. 

When you arrive, you are free to walk around the market for the day. We’ll make sure everyone has some company to visit the market with. You won’t be there on your own. We meet again as a group at 19.00h to walk back to the train station. Therefore we will probably be back in Enschede around 21.30h.


Some things to keep in mind: 

Be aware that the government has applied new Covid-19 regulations. Therefore it is obligatory to show your vaccination qr-code (a negative test is not sufficient!). Also make sure to bring a valid passport or ID-card as we are crossing the border. 

It is also important for you to feel comfortable to join this event so only join if you feel comfortable traveling to Germany. 


Hope to see you there! 


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