Komm'and lounge | Game edition

About this event

Komma Social Club
Board & Coord
Date and time
Jun 24, 2024 16:00 - 19:30
Komma room

Komm'and lounge | Game edition

🛋️ The Komma room will be opened from 16:00 until at least 19:30h* once a month to relax after studying.

🥣🥗🥪 Take your dinner to warm up for yourself in the microwave/oven, or bring some snacks to share. 
You choose the moment when to stop studying and start to lounge at the couch and chat and relax with fellow kommaleons. 

🎲 Don't hesitate to bring your own (board)game in this Komm'and lounge - game edition!

✒️ Note: You don't have to sign up and are welcome to just drop by on these lounge events, but signing up gives us a better insight on who is planning to come hang out. 

*The closing time depends on the amount of interested members and the evening itself.