Student assistant - Primary education integrated language and S&T instruction

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Student assistant - Primary education integrated language and S&T instruction

  • Posted at May 5, 2021
  • General Vacancy

Interrater reliability coding

We are looking for a student-assistant (Dutch or international) who can help with the coding of studies for an interrater reliability assessment. For a review study on the effects of integrated language and S&T instruction in primary education on student achievements, we are looking for a student-assistant who can help us determine the interrater reliability. First, the student receives a coding sheet with all the coding rules, which will be explained in detail. Second, the student will independently code 1 study (journal article) to practice using the coding sheet. The assigned codes by the researcher and student will be compared, and if necessary, changes will be made to the coding sheet. Third, the student will independently code 5 studies using the predetermined set of codes. Based on these studies, the interrater agreement will be calculated. We expect that this project will take about 30 hours: (1) Preparation and explanation of coding rules: ca. 3 hours; (2) Coding practice article & discussion: ca. 5 hours; (3) Coding per article: 3-4 hours (*5 studies) ca. 20 hours; (4) Discussion of differences in codes: ca. 2 hours (depends on number of differences). Preferred availability: May/June.

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