Student assistant - Curriculum Design in International Baccalaureate Schools

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Student assistant - Curriculum Design in International Baccalaureate Schools

  • Posted at May 5, 2021
  • General Vacancy
  • 8 hours / week

Vacancy: Two Research Assistants for study on Curriculum Design in International Baccalaureate Schools
We are looking for two student assistants to support us with this research. Each student assistant will work for 8 hours per week from June 2021 through December 2021 (and possibly longer)

At the International Baccalaureate organisation (IB), investments have been made into supporting the curriculum development work undertaken by the international headquarters, and it is also recognized that each IB school plays a crucial role in translating, operationalizing, and realizing the IB vision. While the importance of the role played by schools is acknowledged, the IB currently lacks sufficient insight into how schools are fulfilling this role, and is presently particularly concerned with understanding this in the Primary Years Programme (PYP). 

Goal of the study
The overarching goal of this project is to better understand how International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) schools develop curriculum in ways that are relevant to their local contexts. This will be achieved through literature review, surveys, case studies, interviews, and document analysis. Where feasible, data will be collected during workshop-style sessions in ways that serve both the research goals and current school needs.

What does the work of the student assistants entail?

  • Key tasks are literature review, data collection, data analysis, and reporting
  • Additional tasks relate to supporting the development and/or implementation of online workshop activity
  • Data will be collected from schools located all over the world
  • Weekly meetings with the project leadership (Nienke Nieveen & Susan McKenney)
  • Bi-weekly meetings with IB colleagues in an international environment


No later than May 16, 2021: Email your letter of interest and your CV to Nienke Nieveen: