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Our view of the world, in which you work or will work later on, has led us to an unique vision on education - and on the kind of scientists, engineers, and professionals our future will need. We are facing challenges that are more complex than any mankind has faced before. Solving those problems calls for creative, cross-disciplinary thinking - which is why we combine technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences. No matter which programme, training or course you follow, we strongly encourage you to cross boundaries, connect disciplines.

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Connect Forward Traineeship

  • Posted at Apr 9, 2020
  • General Vacancy


If you are a graduate and eager to start your professional career in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Connect Forward might just offer you a great opportunity to do so!

The Twente region hosts many ambitious companies that want to reach out to international high skilled talents from all over the world. Saxion University of Applied Sciences and University of Twente cooperate in connecting international graduates to interesting top employers in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

 About Connect Forward

The program offers you a traineeship for a maximum of two years. You’ll get a chance to work at different businesses within our broad network and it will offer you an additional inspiring development program that provides masterclasses on i.e. personal development, self-management and entrepreneurship. On top of that, you’ll get a personal advisor who helps you in your journey of realising your personal and professional ambitions. An outstanding chance to kickstart your career!

A quick insight

The Connect Forward masterclasses, which will start in September*, are about intercultural communication, personal leadership, personal branding, project management, change management, innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing. In addition, a Dutch language course can be part of the program. All masterclasses will be held at Saxion in Enschede.
* Note: due to (the effect of) Covid-19 restrictions the program might start later than September 2020. We will keep you updated and inform you a.s.a.p. if this effects the program.


  • Bachelor degree or Master degree
  • An orientation year permit for non-EU residents
  • Willingness to broadly orientate at different companies and organisations in the eastern part of the Netherlands
  • Dutch language skills are an advantage and you are willing to learn and improve your Dutch to a sufficient higher level. 

For you?

This traineeship is for a select group of international ambitious and talented graduates. You can apply with every bachelor or master’s degree, regardless the study.

Are you communicative, enterprising and driven to develop yourself, both personally and professionally: Apply, get selected and commit to the program!


Are you a UT-graduate and do you wish to apply to Connect Forward, please do so before June 1st, 2020! Send your personal motivation, your resume and your graduation results to Saxion University, .

For further inquiries, you’re very welcome to contact us!