Life Hacking: Student Union Afternoon Sessions

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Jan 20, 2020 16:45 - 18:30
Classroom of The Future, DesignLab

Life Hacking: Student Union Afternoon Sessions

The Student Union is hosting Afternoon Sessions to improve your life skills throughout quartile 2!

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1.    IMPROVE YOUR FOCUS | Monday 18 November | 16:45 till 18:30 || HT500a, Horsttoren

Do you recognize yourself being distracted with everything around you? Does this have effect on your performance? No worries, in this session we will guide you to a life with more focus. In that way, studying and taking exams will go easier. Why not try it?

2.    PRODUCTIVITY HACKS | Monday 2 December | 16:45 till 18:30 || @IDEATE, DesignLab

Are you wondering how you can beat procrastination? With the provided productivity hacks you will learn how to study faster in a more efficient way. In that case, you have plenty of time to do the things you like more. Interested? Visit the Afternoon Sessions!

3.     FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE | Monday 6 January | 16:45 till 18:30 || @Classroom of The Future, DesignLab

Do you strive for more money on your bank account because you really want to go on that beautiful holdiay? But do you find yourself struggling with savings? In this session you will learn a simple path to wealth as a student. With these hacks you will be ready to save some (or a lot of) money!

4.     STAY ENERGIZED | Monday 20 January | 16:45 till 18:30 || @Classroom of The Future, DesignLab

As a student, it can be difficult to focus on your study while keeping track of your own health and being in shape. After this session, this isn’t a problem anymore! With some easy tricks you will learn how to be balanced between health and a busy student life